Benefits of Stittsville Invisalign

Mar 1, 2022

You have been checking out the benefits of Stittsville Invisalign correction for your teeth. You understand how it will improve your appearance, but you may not be aware of the other health benefits accompanying your smile.

Benefits of Stittsville Invisalign that are not aesthetics.


When teeth are not in their correct position, it leaves gaps near the gum line. This means removing the plaque from this area is more complicated, leaving a lovely space for bacteria to grow. If untreated, this will lead to gum disease and possible tooth loss. Straight teeth make home oral hygiene more effective.


Teeth that are misaligned are more likely to chip or develop cracks. This will only serve to weaken the bite even more. Uneven pressure can cause problems at the gum line and result in pain and difficulty eating.  

Overall Health

Oral issues have been shown as linked to increased risk for heart disease, strokes, pulmonary issues and even Alzheimer’s disease. Dentists help patients find the best results for their dental problems, including misaligned teeth so that the individual’s health can be at its optimum.


If teeth are not correctly aligned, chewing will become difficult. Food that has not been wholly masticated will enter the system and be more challenging to digest. Fully chewed food can better release its nutrients when it enters the stomach and is better absorbed through the body.


Invisalign allows you to see the results of your new smile sooner than with braces. With traditional bracing, you need to wait until the dentist removes them in their office. With the clear trays and process, you will be able to notice some movement on your own. Also, Invisalign now offers an additional treatment option called Acceledent, which provides gentle vibrations to encourage the teeth into their correct alignment. This can shorten the overall process considerably.

Whiter teeth

Using metal braces, there can be some discoloration under the wires because your toothpaste and mouthwash simply cannot penetrate the surface. So that when the braces finally come off, you will need to deal with an uneven colour. With Invisalign, you remove the trays each time you brush and floss so your teeth are even in spacing and colour. Ask your dentist about whitening treatments while you are using Invisalign.


Age doesn’t matter. Adults of any age can benefit from straighter teeth, and the Invisalign method will prevent the embarrassment of metal braces. Maintenance is simple; just remove the trays and clean your teeth usually. With braces, you need to use some additional or complicated techniques to get under and between the wires and the teeth.  

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