How to Enjoy the Best Results from Perth Invisalign

Apr 7, 2022

You are working with your dentist and have just embarked on the process of improving your smile by using Perth Invisalign. This is a popular alternative to traditional braces that look and feel like a metal factory in your mouth. It is essential to follow your dentist’s instructions carefully and be diligent about the process to maximize the benefits of Invisalign. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your Invisalign treatment so you can achieve optimal results.

Some simple guidelines will make your Invisalign experience better.

The First Two Days.

During the first two days (48 hours), wear the aligner trays as much as possible. Remove them to eat, drink and brush, but reinsert them as soon as possible. This will jump-start your way to a more even smile.

22 Hours.

After that, wear the trays for a minimum of 22 hours a day. This will ensure that they are doing their part to move your teeth appropriately.

The Right Time to Change Your Aligners.

Change your aligner trays only as directed by your dentist. You may think it is time for another or to keep the old one in a bit longer, but trust the professionals. 

Getting Over the Strange Sensations.

Initially, the trays will feel odd in your mouth. You will adjust, probably more rapidly than you think. Taking them out of your mouth repeatedly will not help at all. Follow the 48-hour rule we spoke of earlier and then 22 hours a day, and you will reap the benefits.

Talking Weird.

You may notice a slight change in your speech pattern for the first few days or so. Most people develop a very slight lisp. This will disappear as your mouth becomes more accustomed to the trays. The more you talk, the sooner the lisp will go away.

Invisalign Attachments.

Invisalign offers enhancements to its primary program. These are used to help move a particularly difficult or displaced tooth. If your dentist recommends them and they are provided to you, be sure to use them as directed. It could actually shorten the time that you need to wear the trays.

Keeping Your Teeth Clean.

Oral hygiene is even more important during the use of Invisalign. Since the trays press against your teeth, keeping the teeth and entire mouth as clean as possible is vital after every meal or drinking anything other than water. Brush and floss appropriately and carefully. This will help your mouth stay healthy through the process.

Taking Good Care of Your Aligners.

Likewise, it is crucial to keep the trays clean. Before returning them to your mouth, soak them as directed in the cleaning crystals or use a soft antibacterial soap. Be careful about scratches.

Keep Hydrated.

Hydration is always important. Since you have a foreign object in your mouth for most of the day and night, it will produce extra saliva. Drinking water will replace that loss. Follow your dentist’s instructions about how much water to drink daily and what beverages to avoid.


After your treatments are complete, your dentist will provide you with instructions for ongoing care. Most will strongly suggest that you wear the trays as directed to keep your teeth in perfect alignment.

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