Why is regular dental cleaning so important?

Mar 9, 2022

When you visit our Stittsville dental clinic, you expect your teeth to be cleaned of any plaque that may have accumulated, an excellent polish, and then you are done. However, we offer more than that during our regular cleaning appointment.

Why is regular dental cleaning so important?


We search for any signs of deterioration. Especially in the early stages, we can treat any signs of decay to prevent cavities from forming. For other cases, we will recommend a filling or perhaps a crown, depending on the situation.


We evaluate the condition of your gums and any plaque that may have formed in that area. We look for significant shifting of the teeth that could cause tooth loss. Gum disease is related to other medical conditions like diabetes, lung issues, osteoporosis, hypertension, and some forms of cancer. Our goal is for our patients to experience the best health possible.


The dentist will look at the construction of the jaw and its joints. They will look for any swelling in that area as well as the facial muscles and lymph nodes. If they discover any unusual or suspect areas, they will discuss this with the patient and make recommendations in conjunction with the patient’s primary care physician.  


Existing fillings are examined and tested for ongoing strength. If any chipping or loss is detected, we recommend replacing the filling as soon as possible to prevent further decay of the tooth. As much as possible, we try to avoid small pockets from developing that will be a haven for bacteria to attack the tooth and gum.  


At least annually, we will take x-rays of the teeth down to the roots and jaw. The first will serve as a baseline for our ongoing evaluations. Then we can compare and look at each year to be sure your mouth is still healthy. X-rays are a diagnostic tool to help find any infections or decay.

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