Dental Exams and X-rays

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Dental Exams and X-rays

Our dental team isn’t just highly educated and skilled; we’re dedicated to delivering thorough dental care. Using advanced digital x-rays, we delve deep into the intricacies of your teeth and gums during comprehensive examinations. Going beyond the ordinary check-up, we meticulously assess fillings, crowns, and implants to prevent emergencies and address concerns proactively.

Engage in Informative Conversations

During your examination, we actively encourage open discussions with our hygienists and dentists. They are enthusiastic about sharing insights into proper brushing and flossing techniques, ensuring you depart with the most current information on oral health for both you and your family. Our services extend beyond routine check-ups, encompassing Perth family dentist services, dentures, veneers, orthodontics, and much more.

Dental X-Rays: Revealing Hidden Insights

X-rays are an essential component of our comprehensive dental care at our clinic. These digital images provide invaluable insights into your mouth, jaw, teeth, and gums, unveiling issues that may not be visible during a routine examination. Our top priority is the early detection of cavities, gum disease, or any other dental concerns, enabling us to create a tailored treatment plan designed specifically for your needs.

Dental X-Rays

X-rays are an integral part of our comprehensive dental care. These images play a crucial role in reviewing your mouth, jaw, teeth, and gums, enabling us to identify issues that may not be visible during a regular examination. They are a vital tool in detecting early signs of cavities, gum disease, or other dental problems before they escalate. Additionally, X-rays assist us in creating a personalized treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

We utilize several different categories of X-rays to ensure a thorough evaluation:

Full Mouth X-Rays

Also known as a “full mouth series,” this baseline set of X-rays is taken during your initial visit and serves as a reference for future assessments. It includes both bitewing and periapical (PA) views.

Bitewing X-Rays

These X-rays allow us to simultaneously view the upper and lower teeth, ensuring correct alignment and aiding in the diagnosis of issues such as bone loss, interdental decay, infections, and more.

Periapical X-Rays

A periapical X-ray provides a comprehensive view of a single tooth from its crown to the root, along with the surrounding bone. This view helps us rule out abscesses, cysts, and bone changes.

Check-Up X-Rays

Using bitewing and periapical X-rays, we conduct ongoing assessments to ensure the continued health of your oral cavity, allowing for proactive screening and care.

Specific X-Rays

Sometimes referred to as problem-focused X-rays, these are ordered by the dentist when a specific issue is suspected. They target a single tooth or specific areas of concern.

Panoramic X-Rays

This comprehensive image captures the entire mouth, jaws, teeth, sinus and nasal areas, as well as the jawbone joint in a single view. It serves as a diagnostic baseline for evaluating wisdom teeth, orthodontic and surgical procedures, and uncovering underlying issues that may not be apparent otherwise.

At Herriott Street Dental, our commitment to thorough X-ray assessment ensures that we can provide you with the most accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment plan to maintain your oral health.