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At Herriott Street Dental, we understand that there are times when the only viable option is to remove a tooth, a procedure known as extraction. We approach extractions with the utmost care, prioritizing the safety and comfort of each of our patients.

The Extraction Process

If it is not possible to save a tooth, it must be carefully removed from its socket within the bone. After thorough examinations, including x-rays, our dentist will determine the best approach for tooth removal. During the procedure, most patients experience some pressure in the mouth but very little discomfort.

Post-Extraction Care

Following the extraction, we provide detailed instructions on what to expect and be aware of during the recovery process. While there may be some temporary discomfort, the healing process is typically straightforward.

About Extractions

Simple Extraction

  • Your dentist administers a local anesthetic.
  • The visible tooth is loosened and removed.

Surgical Extraction

  • If a tooth is broken at the gum line or has not fully emerged, a more complex extraction is required.
  • While some general dentists perform surgical extractions, it is often handled by a surgical dentist.
  • General anesthesia may be recommended, especially for children or adults with specific medical or behavioral conditions, to ensure a comfortable procedure.

After Extraction Considerations

Following tooth removal, opting for an implant is often the best choice. Without an implant, the underlying bone may recede over time, potentially leading to further dental issues.



At Herriott Street Dental, we understand that the prospect of tooth extractions can be intimidating. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing you with the highest quality care and support throughout the entire process. We utilize the latest techniques and equipment to ensure your extraction is as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Additionally, we provide detailed aftercare instructions to facilitate a speedy and successful recovery.

Whether you require a simple extraction or a more complex surgical procedure, our Perth dental clinic is here to offer you the care and support you need. Schedule your appointment today!