Periodontal surgery

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Herriott Street Dental – Advanced Periodontal Surgery

Gum disease presents various treatment options, and at Herriott Street Dental, we prioritize discussing these options with our clients. Typically, we recommend starting with the least invasive methods, but the severity of the disease determines the most suitable approach.

Periodontal Surgery is a treatment reserved for more advanced cases of gum disease. This procedure targets the infection, reduces gum pocket depth, and restores gum health by removing damaged tissue and promoting regeneration.

Treatment Options

When surgery becomes necessary, we offer the following options:

Pocket Depth Reduction

In periodontal disease, gums and bone are damaged, creating pockets or open spaces. Larger spaces are more prone to bacterial accumulation. Pocket reduction, also known as flap surgery, involves folding back the gums to remove bacteria, plaque, tartar, and unhealthy tissue. Healthy tissue is then securely sewn back into place, ensuring proper tooth support.


If gum disease has caused significant tissue and bone loss, we employ techniques to stimulate tissue regrowth. This can involve using bone grafts or special proteins that promote new tissue growth, depending on the patient’s specific circumstances.

Soft Tissue Graft

In cases where gum recession exposes more of the tooth, including its roots, a soft tissue graft becomes necessary. We harvest tissue from the roof of the mouth and carefully sew it into the affected area to restore the gumline.

Unique Care With Herriott Street Dental

Our skilled team conducts thorough assessments of each patient’s unique situation, tailoring treatment plans to ensure the most effective and comfortable approach to managing gum disease. Regular dental check-ups and proper oral hygiene can help maintain a healthy smile and potentially prevent the need for more invasive treatments. Trust our professional care and guidance for all your periodontal needs. Contact us to schedule a consultation and take a step toward healthier gums and teeth.